I'm Ron Benham, the creator of the Arizona Diamond Report, the unquestioned go to source on Arizona amateur baseball and it's players.

Over the last decade, scores of recruiting services and companies have come and gone, but Benham Sports and the AZ Diamond Report have been a constant.

My passion and mission is assisting young men and their families in achieving their goal of playing college baseball. I'm extremely proud to say that literally hundreds of my clients have achieved this dream, and you can too.

While people are wasting thousands of dollars on promise the moon recruiting shortcuts, my clients get unlimited access to my expertise in this field. This isn't a "placement" service...this is one on one advice and consulting for the duration of your amateur baseball career, and quality scouting video and online profile production.

I'm a baseball only guy, while recruiting services cater to anyone with a credit card.

Do yourself a favor. Contact me and schedule an in home meeting to discuss your future.


Ron Benham